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Today, I want to talk about a few things that I like. So get ready for my favorite things.

Obviously, the family is important but today this is not about them. This is strictly things that I like and not the people I like.

It’s important to note that any of the videos, topics, or channels on Youtube that I mention you are easily able to find with simple searches but if you add the word compilation behind your search you are going to find some amazing stuff.

To start off this list, Just for laughs on Youtube Is well worth it. This is a group out of Canada and they really have some good stuff. I enjoy the clean humor from this company and I really think they deserve credit for putting on a really great show. Link to Just For Laughs YouTube Channel.

Next up is Enchroma Glasses. They have an amazing pair of glasses that help improve some kinds of Color Blindness. They work by separating out the colors that reach the eyes giving the user the ability to differentiate better. It is really awesome stuff. Watching the videos of a parent seeing color for the first time or people watching a sunset is absolutely worth tuning into when you are feeling down or need to gain a little more faith in people. Link to Enchroma Glasses YouTube Channel.

People getting owned, people failing, close calls, and other videos in that category on YouTube is an easy way to waste a few hours. Just sit back and watch people escaping close calls, completely getting owed, or just random shit happening to people. You will see what I mean when you check those types of videos out.

Here is an example of a compilation channel.

Star Trek and shows in that genre have always been an interest of mine. I do want to say that I prefer Star Treks universe over Star Wars. Probably, because I feel that the Star Trek series of shows are more realistic to my view of the galaxy. I like the thought that we could have solved most of the world’s problems enough to explore space. I feel that there has to be other life in the galaxy and it would be very interesting to live in a universe where you could have a commonality with the other species and explore.

I like listening to podcasts. They are absolutely something that I use as a way to past the time and learn. Being able to turn on a good podcast and work is one of my favorite things to do. Without having a lot of people that live close to me to visit or hang out with, podcasts help fill that void. Some podcasts that I like and suggest you try are Naked Mormonism, Psilly Rabbits, and My Book of Mormon Podcast. I am almost caught up on all of these and I think they all talk about important topics.

Links to Naked Mormonism, Psilly Rabbits, and My Book of Mormon Podcast.

Above all, just try to live your life without regret.